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Author Topic: I am having problems submitting information or viewing pages, what can I do?  (Read 2399 times)
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« on: September 16, 2009, 07:38:46 AM »

Browsing the website, opening the pages, submitting information should normally be available without any prior configuration.

However, sometimes a computer may be configured in such away that does not
let pages open easily or information be submitted.

I suggest to check the following:

1.  Ensure that popup blockers are not set to block page content.

This link will give you information on common Popup blockers how to disable:

This link will show you how to disable Google Toolbar Popup blocker in particular:  

Popup blockers are among the most common reasons why pages do not open or
work as they are expected.  Security software and settings could also be a factor.  
You can try to disable security software temporarily.

2.  Try a different computer to access if available at the location to
determine if it is specific to the computer.

If you are not able to access with more than one computer on the network you may need to check with your IT department or computer vendor.  Try also to access from an independent computer such as a public library if the all the computers at a location or network cannot access.

I suggest also once you have done this to clear the Cache on your browser, this will vary according to your browser type and version.  

One example for Internet Explorer:  Go to Tools - Internet Options - click on Delete Files ... for the temporary Internet files and do the same for Clear History.  Then close Internet Explorer, open it again and retry.
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