Have you ever met someone who can only talk about their own sicknesses, experiences, faith, family etc? And you just sit there without a chance to open your mouth? And if you do try to say something, and actually succeed, you can tell they are not really listening or interested?

That is the time that we should remember the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which we received at Confirmation.

Charity, which means "love."
Joy, the feeling I have if I love God and everyone else for the love of God.
Patience, helps me to stay calm when I am tempted.
Goodness, makes me want to do good to others, no matter the circumstances.
Kindness, which helps me to do good to others, no matter the situations.
Mildness, enables me to stay calm, slow to become angry.

Do we add or subtract from other people's gladness? Whether a day will bring us more or less joy is largely beyond our power to control, but whether we give happiness or not, does rest with ourselves.