The last two years of my mother's life was spent in a retirement home with high care, which means that 24 hours a day someone would watch over her.
My mum was in love with Jesus and Mary. I remember her reading the book "Fatima" over and over again. I cannot tell you how many times she read it, but it was year after year.
Mum prayed the Rosary every day of her life. She would tell me that when she was a little girl, the whole family ( mum was one of 18 children), would gather around Grandpa's chair and recite the Rosary. The little one's playing with the Rosary around his chair.

In the retirement home her only desire was to make the Rosary known and loved, and Catholics and non-Catholics alike owned a Rosary given to them by my mother.
The walls in her room were adorned with her treasures, pictures of Jesus and Mary, her deceased husband (my dad) and her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Each day, as she recited her Rosary, she would position her wheel chair in front of the photo's and each person on the photo in front of her would receive a Hail Mary.
This exercise, this retreat, this meditation on the Holy Rosary lasted for at least two hours, and if she had visitors in between, sometimes all day.

Mary was mum's constant companion, and it made her always joyful and happy, right up to her last day on earth. She never complained even though she had been in a wheel chair for many years. The legacy my mother left to her family is one of love for our Holy Catholic Faith and in particular for Mary and Her Rosary. Mum was, and still is, a role model for us all. Her education was almost nil, but she had a wisdom which surpasses many educated persons.