"Make friends with the Angels" is the advice which the great Pope, St. Leo, gives every Christian and it is advice that everyone should follow. If we make friends with the Angels, and nothing is easier, we shall receive countless and great favors, which otherwise we shall never obtain. Our Angel friends too, will shield and protect us from countless dangers, evils, sickness and accidents which, without their help, we could not possibly avoid. In a word, these all-powerful and loving protectors will obtain for us a level of happiness that, without their assistance, we could not hope for in this vale of tears!

Another reason we should make friends with the Angels is that they are our dearest and best friends. A good friend, a friend who is able and always ready to help us. A friend to whom we can go for help in all our troubles and sorrows, is one of the greatest blessings God can give us. Our human hearts thirst for love and sympathy. Among people we rarely or never find such a friend, but this is not so with the Angels. They are most eager to be our friends and they love us with all the strength of their angelic natures.  Since they are all-powerful and generous, we can have the fullest confidence in their help and friendship.

The one friendship on this earth that gives us any idea of the love of the Angels is the love of a mother. This is the purest, the most generous, the strongest of all human loves. The mother loves her children with unlimited love. God has placed in the mother's heart an instinct of love so great that it almost borders on the supernatural. She forgets herself and thinks only of her children. She works for them, sacrifices herself for them, and gives them her all. If one of them should fall sick or has great sorrow, to that one she will devote more special gentleness and more loving care.

Sometimes you will see a frail woman keeping watch by the bedside of her sick child, hardly eating, with little rest, burdened with a emotional anxiety. She will sit with her child for days on end, never complaining, and never giving up.When these days are passed, this almost superhuman effort, these long weary vigils, seem to have cost her nothing. The mother's love sustained her. Yet, strong men who lose their sleep for a day or so, complain that they find it hard to work the following day.

If a mother, she may be young or old, rich or poor, full of weaknesses and imperfections, can rise to such a height of love and self-denial as this, what may we not expect form God's Angels, who have no defects, no imperfections and who love us with all the mighty power of their glorious angelic natures?

Taken from the book "All about the Angels"
by Father Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.E.D.M.