A poor farmer, who lived five kilometers from the Church and had no transport, used to walk to Mass every morning. It did not matter how cold or how hot it was, he never missed daily Mass.  One morning on an extremely cold day, he walked shivering across the fields, which were covered with snow.  His hands were deeply buried in his pockets as the wind rushed through his hair. As he was walking along he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and there he saw his guardian angel behind him with a basket in his hands.  When he had a good look he saw the most beautiful roses in the basket, which gave a delicious smell. He asked his guardian angel why he had these roses.  "See these roses" the angel answered him, "They represent each step you have taken on the way to Mass, and each rose also represents a glorious reward which waits for you in heaven.  But far, far greater are the merits you have earned from the Mass itself."  Then, together they walked to the Church and the angel stayed with him all during Mass. He disappeared as soon as the Mass was over.

(From the book "All about the Angels" By Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.E.D.M.)