We read in the life of S. Aloysius Gonzaga, that being permitted by his confessor to receive Holy Communion every Sunday, he divided the week between his thanksgiving and preparation, consecrating three days to each.  The same is related of another devout soul, who, in arranging his devotions, observed the following plan:  Sunday, the day of his Communion, was spent by him in union and interior converse with our Blessed Lord.  Monday was a day of thanksgiving for the rich treasure which he had received.  On Tuesday he continually offered and consecrated himself to God.  Wednesday was spent in constant petitions to Ourl Lord for his own wants and those of the Church.  On Thursday he began his preparation for his next Communion, spending that day entirely in acts of faith and adoration.  Friday was a day of humiliation and contrition, but of hope and confidence in the Divine mercy.  Finally, Saturday was devoted to acts of love and desire. - Catholic Anecdotes.

(Source:  Stories From The Catechist, P 319, TAN Books and Publishers)