Our very best and faithful friend is the one whom God Himself has placed at our side as a life long companion, a Prince from heaven, our Guardian Angel.  God in His goodness has appointed him to guide and protect us through life and to lead us safely to Heaven.

From the very beginning of our existence, our Guardian Angel has been concerned about us. He rejoiced at our birth, just as a good mother rejoices at the birth of her child. On the day we were baptized we became even dearer to him and more loved by him. Day and night he watched at our cradle. He led our first steps and cared for us with most tender love when danger threatened. He grieved when we committed sins as if he himself had received the greatest injury. He never leaves us in peace until we have reconciled with God by making a good confession.

On the day of our first Holy Communion he was there to lead and present us to God. Every time we received Holy Communion in state of grace, he rejoiced to accompany us to receive the bread of angels. He especially prayed for us when the hand of the bishop anointed us as soldiers of Christ in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Guardian Angels are the best counselors. They particularly help young men and women in their choice of a vocation and he will protect them against the dangers of the world. If they are asked, they will help to find the life-long companion whom God has chosen for you. He will always stay at our side, so that we can faithfully and conscientiously fulfill the duties of our state in life.

In short, our Guardian Angel is our companion in all the circumstances of our life, our friend always in good as well as in bad days. He will one day assist us in a very special way, at the end of our life in our last struggle. Then he will fight with us and for us until we have won the battle and our heart is at rest. 

But even then he will not leave, where all earthly friends must leave, on the threshold of eternity. When the light of the earth fades away and the brightness of eternity shines upon us, our Guardian Angel will present our soul before the judgment seat of God and faithfully plead our cause.

If the state of our soul requires the purification of Purgatory, our holy Angel will visit and console us. He will also bring before God's throne, all the good works which we have done for others on earth, and he himself will plead God's mercy for us. When our time in Purgatory is ended, he will joyfully bring the good news, and lead us into Heaven.

But to gain these benefits from our Angel, we have to pray to him, listen to him and never turn away from this holy angel who is our guide and protector. How valuable must our soul be in the sight of God, that He commands His heavenly Angels to protect, to accompany us everywhere. We owe God praise, honor and eternal thanksgiving for having given us an Angel as protector and guide to the kingdom of Heaven.