Three Angelic Spirits are mentioned in Scriptures by name: The Archangel
Michael, whose name means literally "Who is like God?", is the leader of the
heavenly hosts in the war against the evil spirits. Gabriel, the "man of
God" foretold to the prophet Daniel the coming of the Messiah; he is the
Angel of the Annunciation, who brought the message to Mary that she was to
become the Mother of God. Raphael, whose name in Hebrew means: "God has
healed," may be regarded as the most "human" of these angels because of the
special nature of his mission. Raphael is the instructor, healer and
comforter of mankind. He is spoken of as Saint Raphael, and that is correct,
for the word "Saint" comes from the Latin "Sanctus," which means "holy."
In the case of human beings, it is necessary that they are canonized by the
Church. In regard to Angels however, Holy Scripture itself tells us about
their heavenly glory.

The existence of Angels is a truth of Faith. Some people might find it
difficult to believe that Angels really do exist, because one does not
ordinarily see, touch or hear an Angel. Perhaps it has become all too
customary to think of Angels as just ornaments of religious and sometimes
profane art, and we forget that there is a spiritual world, just as real as
the material world. Angels are spiritual beings and they have intelligence,
a free will, and great power. They were created by God to know Him, to love
Him and to serve Him in heaven. Angels are messengers between men and God,
and sent by God, who is Himself a spirit. They also act as guardians of
mankind. Scripture tells are that there are nine choirs of angels: Seraphim,
Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations (which according to some theologians, are the
assisting Angels at God's throne), Principalities, Powers, Virtues,
Archangels and Angels (described as "administering Angels" because they
minister to material creation. God may use Angels in working miracles. Good
Angels inspire men to do the will of God and to practice virtue. Bad Angels
(devils) who were cast into hell after their rebellion, can wage spiritual
warfare upon mankind by means of temptation.