Do you refrain from useless chatter before the Tabernacle? How about dressing modestly and reverently for Mass?

1) Attend Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, even daily if possible.

2) Prepare well for every Mass by abstaining from food and drink (medicine and water may be taken) for at least one hour before receiving Holy Communion; going to Confession to a priest and stating any and all mortal sins that you have not confessed before (a mortal sin is a thought, word, desire or action that concerns grave matter carried out with sufficient reflection and full consent of the will); praying before Holy Mass and performing acts of charity and self-denial. Furthermore, only those persons who are practicing Catholics, and who believe as the Church does regarding the Most Holy Eucharist and whose marriages are recognized as valid by the Holy Catholic Church may receive Holy Communion.

3) Genuflect when entering and leaving the Church and whenever passing before the Tabernacle or the Alter on which the Body and Blood of Christ rest. Dress modestly, avoiding revealing and sloppy clothes, and do not chew gum. Speak accurately about the most Holy Eucharist, never referring to it as "bread and wine". And if you assist with the sacred music in your parish, do all you can to assure that the texts reflect the truth about the Real Presence.

4) Refrain from useless chattering before the Tabernacle, before, during and after the Holy Mass in order to adore Him and to concentrate in attention on the Risen Lord Jesus. Talking unnecessarily in the holy presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament destroys a golden occasion to learn at the feet of the Master.

5)Receive Holy Communion with joy and fervor.  The worthy reception of the Body and Blood of the Lord—a “foretaste” and “pledge” of Heaven, an impetus for authentic charity towards the poor, weak, defenseless and needy and a nudge towards angel-like chastity—should be the highlight of our day, week, month, year . . . life.  Having prepared as indicated, we joyfully and fervently advance in awe towards the Altar. 
Our diligent reception of Holy Communion signals our love and adoration for Christ.  May we always receive the Son of God with dignity and devotion!

6) Pass time with the Eucharistic Jesus outside of the Holy Mass. The Eucharist is always to be adored, before, during and after Mass, whether exposed in the Monstrance or reposed in the Tabernacle.

7) Make frequent Spiritual Communions in which we invite the Lord into our souls in a similar manner as when we sacramentally receive Holy Communion. These may be made anytime and anywhere.

8) Cultivate a special relationship with Mary, the Woman of the Eucharist. Pray her Most Holy Rosary. Wear her Brown Scapular and her Miraculous Medal. Ask her for the virtue of chastity for yourself and in all your dealings with your neighbors. Purity is vital. If you fall grievously, go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion.

9) Develop a friendship with the Saints who are remembered for their incredible love for the Holy Eucharist. To become aware of their affection for Holy communion stimulates our capacity to develop in love and adoration of Our Eucharistic Jesus.

10) Request the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be offered for the living and the dead. There is no gift more beautiful and effective than the Holy Mass.

Source: Monsignor Charles M. Mangen.

Before the Blessed Sacrament

Jesus, dear, I come to greet Thee, and to offer Thee this day, all my thoughts, my words, my actions, take them to Thy Heart I pray.
Keep them while the hours are fleeting, till the sands of life are run, till eternal day is dawning o'er the heights of Heaven won.
Of Thy tender love and mercy, ever let me mindful be, quick to bear Thy cross of sorrow as the joys Thou givest me.
Then dear Jesus, ere I leave Thee, for Thy sake all things to dare, give my work this day Thy blessing, hold me in Thy loving care.
Author unknown.