The most common reason for belief in God is that there can be no adequate explanation of the universe without a Creator. A man sees how day follows night, the seasons follow each other in regular course, the tides ebb and flow, flowers bud and blossom, stars and planets swing in their orbits and the order of the universe is maintained. He asks himself, "Who began and who preserves this wonderful order?"

Those who say it comes about by chance, he thinks, are easily satisfied. So are they who say it all comes from blind evolution. It is possible that all Nature, including Man, has evolved and that all forms of life have come from more primitive forms. But if so, this has happened in a complex way far more wonderful than anything man could invent and has produced beings far more wonderful than anything man can make. Even Darwin once studied the delicate shading on the wing-feathers of the Argus pheasant. To say this happened by chance, he argued, was like saying a Madonna painted by Raphael had been formed by a long succession of artists, not one of whom intended to draw the human figure. There has to be an explanation for evolution.

One of the books of the Bible, the book of Job, represents God as asking where Job was when the world was made. Was he at the making of it? Can he make animals like the whale in the sea, the eagle in the air? Does he even understand the ways of the beasts? In fact a man can spend his whole life studying Nature and still remain ignorant of a great deal of it. Even the accumulated knowledge of all the centuries has not solved all people's problems.

This argument appeals to the modern man as much as to the men of the time of Job. A builder's laborer once said, "You have only to see a lark rising from the long grass to know there is a God." The captain of a ship one waved his arm toward the sea, heaving in the moonlight, and said, "Any man who can see that and say there is no God, is a fool." A factory worker said, "It takes hundreds of clever men to design an aircraft and many more to make it, But it is not as wonderful as a bird in flight. It takes God to make a bird.

A young man who prided himself on being an atheist once came into the study of the famous 17th century astronomer, Kircher. He saw there a very fine working-model of the solar-system. By turning the handle the planets could be made to revolve in their respective orbits around the sun.

"Very ingenious indeed," the young man remarked. "Who made it?" "Oh, no one made it," replied Kircher. "Tell me, I want to know, who made it?" "Nobody, it just happened." The young man began to see the point and was annoyed. "I see you are trying to be funny." "Isn't it rather you who are funny?" You cannot believe that this little model just happened, and yet you can believe that the real sun and moon and stars, the whole vast universe in fact, came into existence somehow without any Maker!"

Common sense tells the average man that there is a God. The Bible says. "The fool says in his heart,'There is no God".

Source: The Catholic Faith.