It is well for each of us to reflect that God has entrusted certain souls to the care of each one of us, to you and to me. You may not know who they are in this life but nevertheless there are souls entrusted to your care that will go to Hell unless you offer prayers and sacrifices for them. That person could be your mother or father, your brother or sister, or your next door neighbor, or it could be somebody you don't even know at all.

Pope Pius XII notes this fact in his Encyclical "The Mystical Body of Christ" which was published in 1943. He said it is a great mystery, but nevertheless true, that the number of souls saved depends on how well Catholics cooperate with God's Grace.

Our Lady puts it in her own way: "Many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray for them and make sacrifices for them." That is a direct quote of Our Lady. She mentioned that particularly when She returned on August 19 after the three children (Fatima) were released from jail. It was after that day that the children found a rough cord which they cut into three pieces and each of them willingly wore it around their waist day and night as a sacrifice for the conversion of sinners.

Sufferings come in many ways. We should first understand that if someone should do an injustice to you, steal from you, malign you, whether it be by a Bishop, priest, mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor, or anybody else, it does not mean you can't preserve your legitimate rights, especially if it be for the good of the Church, or for the good of God, or for the good of souls. But whatever it is that irritated you or tried your patience, you should still look upon the occasion as something that God allows to happen to you for your own good.

The saints tell us we should look upon our enemies as our best friends. You might say that is a very strange way of looking at things. Our enemies nevertheless, serve a purpose.

Besides whatever punishment they will get from God for their evilness, they are serving you a good purpose and that is they are testing your virtue. You can offer that up to God and receive greater merit for yourself. Needless to say, however, we should not allow them to influence us in their evil ways.

So if you accept what God sends you, in a proper sense, your enemies are actually giving you a wealth that you can keep for all eternity; greater merit in Heaven. If we find that these things only irritate us, make us lose patience and complain, seek to get even, act grumpy, etc., we thus go backward in the spiritual life. Let us not lose those golden opportunity lest we do go backwards.  We may even find on Judgment Day that we must spend more time in Purgatory because we committed venial sins as we resisted this cross. (God forbid it be even mortal sins). So let everything you do be a sacrifice and above all accept all the sufferings that God sends you and offer them for the conversion of sinners.

Source: The Fatima Crusader.