How few of us enjoy Our Lord's presence as we should. How few of us drink of the living waters that He dispenses to those who visit Him in His Sacrament of Love. What delights we might enjoy at the foot of the Altar! We must pray most fervently to Our Sweet Mother to give us a vivid, living faith in this Divine Sacrament. Is God really there on the Altar? Does He really see me and hear me? Does He love me but with a personal love?

Oh! surely, most certainly He does. Just think of it, we may go into the very presence of our God any time we like! He is there on the Altar and in the Tabernacle waiting for us, longing for our visits, ready to fill  our souls with the most precious graces. How can men and women be so utterly blind as not to visit Our Lord frequently and lovingly in the Church?

St. Aloysius' love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament was so intense, his visits so frequent that the doctors thought it well to discontinue, or at least to lessen these visits for his health was very weak. As a consequence his Superiors ordered him to go less frequently, to pray less intense before the Altar. The dear Saint confessed that this was the only time that he felt it hard to obey. His heart so burned with love for Jesus on the Altar that he found it hard to resist the call of this burning love.

St. Dominic, after the most difficult labors of the day sought as his only rest the pleasure of passing the night with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. St. Thomas of Aquin enjoyed the intensest pleasure before the altar. He spent whole nights in raptures of faith and love. We could fill books and books with such acts of faith and love.

But then we might say: These were saint! It is not necessary to be a saint to know and feel that Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament. All we need to do is to think and pray, to ask God to open our poor blind eyes. A protestant minister used to go to a Catholic Church in Ireland on the days the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. On leaving he used to say: "Oh blessed faith of you Catholics who can visit and talk to your God so easily".  An atheist once said: "If I could believe that God was on the Altar I would never leave the Church".

Jesus is also with us by devotion to His Sacred Heart. There is an easy way to practice this devotion.  Place a statue or picture of the Sacred Heart in a room and repeat frequently during the day these few words: "Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You". And practice the devotion of the nine First Fridays.

God is with us by His Divine Presence and Providence. Not a hair falls from our heads without His permission. Nothing happens to us without His consent. He is ready to assist us in all our difficulties, dangers and sorrows, if only we call on Him: "Jesus save me, Jesus help me". God never permits a sorrow to overtake us that He does not give us a mighty grace and strength to bear it. But we must think of Him, we must call on Him, we must trust Him. Blessed are those who realize the presence of God, who place all their trust in Him.

Source: Fr. Paul O'Sullivan