If you are traveling at night in the dark it is easy to get lost, and traveling with very little petrol in the car makes it even more daunting.

The place I was to visit was not far from our home. Two boys and a young girl were waiting for me to have their first weekly instructions for Holy Communion. I had spoken to the mother the previous week. She gave me the address and as it was not very far from my home I decided to drive to the given address to make sure I would find it easily at night. So I thought!

I left home at 7pm, confident and eager to meet them for the first time. As I started the car a red warning light flashed on the dashboard indicating my petrol was low. I knew it would not take me more than  10 minutes to get there so I decided to leave filling up the tank for the next day.

The house was situated near a round-about and all I had to do was turn left at the round-about which would lead me straight into their drive way. Because it was dark and the traffic was busy from the opposite direction I missed the drive way and continued around the round-about to where the road became a two way street again. I continued, but started to feel uneasy as it seemed much longer than the previous week. Also I started to worry about the petrol being low.

Traveling another 10 minutes I realized I had gone much too far because on the side of the road a sign indicated the name of a town  much further up the valley.

(My one phobia is to be stranded at night somewhere or in the middle of a highway with a broken down car.)

I turned around and panicked! What if I did not have enough petrol to get home? I was virtually in the middle of nowhere, no lights anywhere, no houses and no mobile phone. Total darkness!

I usually read at night before I go to sleep, it works a bit like a sleeping pill. The book I was reading at the time was "All about the Angels" by Father Paul O'Sullivan. (I have read the book at least five times since then.) In it he explains that each and every person has a Guardian Angel who loves nothing better than to assist us in our trials and difficulties, and they are really our best friends. A friend who is able and always ready to help us and that our Guardian Angel is one of the greatest blessings God has given us.

This flashed through my mind as I drove back on that dark road. I had nearly finished reading the book but could not remember if the Angels were able to bring home a car without petrol. All of sudden I commanded him (I said I panicked) "I am doing God's work and you better make sure I get home safe!"

I did arrive home safely. The next morning I asked my husband to start the car and find out how much petrol was left in it. He came back and said, "I could not start the car and I don't know how you got home last night, the tank is completely dry!"

After my husband told me this, it again flashed through my mind, "God gave you a brain, next time do not drive on an empty petrol tank!"

Suffice to say, I now always check the level of the petrol wherever I go, and ever since that day I always have my Guardian Angel prayer, and in difficulties I know he is my best friend.