The Saints And The Holy Spirit
By Anne Van Tilburg
Published on 07/5/2012
The Saints And The Holy Spirit

The Saints And The Holy Spirit

All the Saints were filled with the Holy Spirit. Their souls overflowed with joy and consolation. They did all the wonders we read of in their lives by the help of the Holy Spirit. With the strength He gave them, all sufferings were easily borne and all difficulties overcome.

St. Ignatius Martyr (of Antioch), who was insulted by the Emperor Trajan because he was a Christian, replied, "Do not insult Ignatius the God-bearer". Trajan demanded, "Why do you say that you are the God-bearer?" "Because," answered Ignatius, "it is true, God is in me."

When Origen was a child, his father, Leonidas, used to kneel by his bedside when he was asleep and kiss his breast because the Holy Spirit was in his soul. When the same Origen became one of the most learned Fathers of the Church, he used to say: "Our souls are little heavens because God is really in them."

St. Cyril: "The Holy Spirit impresses on us the divine image and gives us superhuman loveliness. We are temples of the Holy Spirit, who truly lives in us. On this account we are called gods. Because of our union with the Holy Spirit, we share the divine, imcomprehensible nature of God." Again, the same Saint says, "We have not merely the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, but He Himself dwells in us. Man is composed of a body and a soul and the Holy Spirit."

St. Basil: "By the Holy Spirit each of the Saints is made divine, as God Himself has declared, 'I have said you are gods.'"

Cornelius a Lapide says: "When the soul enters our bodies, it gives them light and life, which they had not before; so also, when the Holy Spirit comes into our souls, he gives them a new life, His own life, He deifies them."

Another of the Holy Fathers says, "The Holy Spirit is not in our souls as a guest. He is there as a bridegroom, for His union with us is a marriage; it is a most intimate and loving union." The Holy Spirit said to St. Angela: "I am the Holy Spirit who has come to you and will give you such joy as you have never yet tasted. I accompany you, I am present in you. You are My spouse, I will never leave you." "Hearing these words," the Saint said, "I cannot describe the joy I then felt."

His Guardian Angel once said to Blessed Henry Suso, "Fix your eyes on your breast." Blessed Henry did so and his body became transparent and he saw God in his soul.

Our Lord said to St. Catherine of Siena, "Contemplate Me in your soul, and you shall know that I am your Creator."

St. Teresa of Jesus says, "Our soul is a little heaven in which the Creator of Heaven and Earth takes up His abode. Is there anything so grand as to see Him, whose grandeur would fill a thousand worlds, hiding Himself in such a little dwelling place as our soul!"

St. Philip Neri, when once begging God to give him the Holy Spirit, saw a globe of fire which entered his mouth and passed into his breast. The heat that it causes was so great that he lay prostrate on the ground and tore open his habit. He felt wondrous joy fill his soul. His heart was greatly enlarged, and two of his ribs remained broken so that his heart could beat without difficulty. He felt no pain, but when offering the Holy Mass or giving Holy Communion, his joy was so great that his whole body shook and made the altar shake. Sometimes he cried out, "I cannot bear such joy! Stop, Lord, or I shall die!"

The Holy Cure of d'Ars said, "Those who love the Holy Spirit experience every kind of happiness within themselves. The Holy Spirit leads us like a mother leads her little child, or like a person with sight leads a blind man, Those who love the Holy Spirit find prayer so delightful that they cannot find sufficient time to pray."

Pope Alexander had an intense devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Eucharist, and to satisfy this great love, he had a beautiful golden pyx made in which he placed the Blessed Sacrament every morning and wore it on his breast during the day. This perpetual adoration obtained for the Holy Pontiff the greatest graces and consolations. He felt that he was always in the presence of Our Lord.

Now each one of us (in state of Sanctifying Grace, without Mortal Sin) carries the Holy Spirit Himself in us, not in a golden pyx on our breast, but in our very souls. What an immense joy and consolation for those who realize this wonderful fact!.

Night Prayer to the Holy Spirit
In stillness and in silence deep as night, be my soul before you Holy Spirit.
Come down upon me, soft as the starlight; close around me,
closer than the dark; refresh me and renew me,
as dew-fall and rain-fall renew the earth.
Stay with me Lord, until the morning comes; and at the dawning of a new day,
be you an even brighter sunburst in my soul.
Burn within me Holy Fire, so that chaste in body and pure in heart,
I may deserve to see God.

Source: Fr. Paul O'Sullivan.