I bring my sins to Thee, the sins I cannot count;
That all may be cleansed in Thy opened Fount.
I bring them, Savior, all to Thee, the burden is too great for me!

My heart to Thee I bring, the heart I cannot read;
A faithless, wandering thing, an evil heart indeed.
I bring it, Savior, now to Thee, that fixed and faithful it may be.

To Thee I bring my care, the care I cannot flee;
Thou wilt not only share, but bear it all for me.
O loving Savior, now to Thee, I bring the load that wearies me.

I bring my grief to Thee, the grief I cannot tell,
No words shall needed be, Thou knowest all so well.
I bring the sorrow laid on me, O suffering Savior, now to Thee.

My joys to Thee I bring, the joys Thy love hath given,
That each may be a wing, to lift me nearer Heaven.
I bring them, Savior, all to Thee, For Thou hast purchased all for me.

My life I bring to Thee, I would not be my own,
O Savior, let me be, Thine ever, Thine alone.
My heart, my life, my all I bring, to Thee, my Savior and my King.

(Author unknown)