Saturday is a very special day. The reason for this is that every Saturday of the year is dedicated to Mary. It is "Mary's Day". Even the Liturgy of the Church favors Mary on that day. If Saturday is an open day (a day without the commemoration of a Saint), the Church recommends to honor Mary with a special Mass, called "St. Mary on the Sabbath," and the priests can say the Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Every Saturday welcome Mary with the Devotion of the "Three Hail Mary's"; go to Mass if you can; do something special to please her; an act of kindness, a short prayer when passing in front of Mary's Statue or her picture; the recitation of the "Angelus". I am sure you can think of many more ways to please Our Lady on her special day.

Every devotee of Mary performs everything under her gaze. Brief remembrances, tiny aspirations sent in flight. fleeting glances at her images are testimonials of love that he or she gives her continually. Alone or in the company of others, along the street or in his room, the devotee is always murmuring some ejaculation to her. In doubts and struggles, in pains and joys, the Hail Mary passes from his lips to the heart of the Virgin and flows back to him in waves of graces.

St. John Eudes wrote: "Live in Mary's heart, love what she loves, desire what she desires, and you will have peace, joy, and sanctity".

Blessed Contardo Ferrini was born of devout parents in 1859. He received a fine Christian upbringing to which he corresponded fully. After successfully completing his classical studies, he went to the University of Pavia where, because of his precocious mind, he acquired a high decree of learning in a brief span of time.

In this young man's room, an image of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, occupied a place of honor. To her, he had entrusted his future. At the age of twenty-two, he received his degree in law, and at twenty-four, with a rich and profound cultural background, he embarked upon his career as Professor of History of Roman Law. He spoke Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, French, English, Syrian and Spanish fluently.

He soon began to publish important works, and he diligently responded to the vocation he received from God by breaking and distributing the bread of truth among the ignorant. He led a retiring, humble, charitable, and virtuous life, always practicing the evangelical counsels. 

Contardo Ferrino wrote pages of great beauty on various feasts of Mary. Regarding the feast of the Annunciation he comments as follows on the words: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to Thy word: "Never before was such true and wondrous humility expressed; never before was any creature raised to such stupendous honors by God and who was at the same time so convinced of her nothingness. It has been well said that Mary pleased God because of her virginity but conceived Our Savior because of her great humility.

Because of his great love for her, Contardo remained faithful to Mary until his death at the age of forty-three.

Source: Rev. Joseph A. Viano. SSP

Mother of God, remember me, to the Heart of Christ Thy Son;
Remember me, Mother, through all my years, till my work on earth is done.
Mother of God, remember me, when I reach the vast unknown;
Remember me Mother, and plead my cause
When I stand to be judged alone.
Mother of God, remember me, as I pass my final goal;
Lily white village maid, Mother of God, tell Jesus you love my soul.
Mother of God, remember me, in the Court of Thy Son Divine;
Let me praise and love Him forever more, near that beautiful Heart of Thine.
                                                                                         Alma de la Cruz