By Anne Van Tilburg
Published on 04/15/2011

A long time ago, God promised we would be His people. He made that promise to a man called Abraham.  Abraham was a rich man who lived in a great city. One night as he lay watching the stars and thinking, Abraham felt that God was very near. "There is one true God" he thought. "There is one true God who made heaven and earth". Then he felt sure that God was calling him in a special way.

"Abraham, I have chosen your family to be My people. I want you to leave your country, your friends and relations, and go to a new land. I will show you the way. In this new land I will bless you, and your family will become great". Abraham could hardly believe it. "The true God has spoken to me", he said to his wife, Sarah, and his nephew Lot. "God wants us to go and live in another land. 

Lot stared at his uncle. "But you are old, Abraham", he said. "And just think what it would mean. You have everything you could possibly want here. You have your family, friends, and many people to work for you". "I have thought of all that", Abraham said, "but I must go, for God has told me to. And you must come with me".  Lot saw that Abraham had made up his mind. "Yes, I am part of your family, so I will go with you," Lot said.

"Where is this new country that you want us to go to?" asked Sarah. "I don't  know yet. God will show us", answered Abraham. He called all his people together, and soon they were packing up their belongings, folding up tents, and rounding up the animals. At last they set out. Along rough tracks by the mountains they went, traveling in the cool of the early mornings and resting in the heat of the middle of the day. On they went across the dry stony ground of the desert, stopping at each water-hole to give the thirsty animals water and to fill the water-bags. Each night they pitched their tents under the stars, and lit fires to keep the wild animals away before they settled to sleep.

Weeks passed. Months passed. On and on they traveled until they reached the green plains of the land of Canaan. There God spoke to Abraham, "This is the land I am giving to you", He said. Abraham was very glad. He and Lot built an altar out of stones, where they could worship God. Abraham called his people together to pray. "Thank you God" he said, "for bringing us safely to this land. We are Your people. We trust You and worship You".

God is always very generous to all people, and this story tells us that we should always thank Him, just as Abraham thanked God for the wonderful gift of a new country.

This also tells us that we should be thankful to our parents. God is Abraham's Father, and the first thing Abraham did was to say thank you to his heavenly Father.
Do we thank our earthly parents for all the wonderful things they do for us? Maybe we have been forgetful in saying thank you, now is a good time to start.

Source: Bible Stories for Children