The Dream of Nine
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Published on 01/31/2011
The Dream of Nine

The Dream of Nine

The actual words of Don Bosco...

"When I was about nine years old, I had a dream that left a profound impression on me for the rest of my life.  I dreamed that I was near my home, in a very large playing field where a crowd of children were having fun.  Some were laughing, others were playing and not a few were cursing.  I was so shocked at their language that I jumped into their midst, swinging wildly and shouting at them to stop.  At that moment, a Man appeared, nobly attired, with a manly and imposing bearing.  He was clad with a white flowing mantle, and his face radiated such light that I could not look directly at Him.  He called me by name and told me to place myself as leader over those boys, adding the words,

'You will have to win these friends of yours not with blows, but with gentleness and kindness.  So begin right now to show them that sin is ugly and virtue beautiful.'

"Confused and afraid, I replied that I was only a boy and unable to talk to these youngsters about religion. At that moment the fighting, shouting and cursing stopped and the crowd of boys gathered about the Man who was now talking.  Almost unconsciously, I asked:

'But how can you order me to do something that looks so impossible?'

'What seems so impossible you must achieve by being obedient and by acquiring knowledge.'

'But where, how?'

'I will give you a Teacher, under whose guidance you will learn and without whose help all knowledge becomes foolishness.'

'But who are you?'

'I am the Son of Her whom your mother has taught you to greet three times a day.'

'My mother told me not to talk to people I don't know unless she gives me permission.  So, please tell me your name.'

"At that moment I saw beside Him a Lady of majestic appearance, wearing a beautiful mantle glowing as if bedecked with stars.  She saw my confusion mount; so she beckoned me to her. Taking my hand with great kindness, she said:


"I did so. All the children had vanished. In their place I saw many animals: goats, dogs, cats, bears and a variety of others.

...the wild animals had turned into lambs...

"`This is your field, this is where you must work.' the Lady told me.  `Make yourself humble, steadfast, and strong.  And what you will see happen to these animals you will have to do for my children.'

"I looked again; the wild animals had turned into as many lambs, gently gamboling lambs, bleating a welcome for that Man and Lady.

"At this point of my dream I started to cry and begged the Lady to explain what it all meant because I was so confused.  She then placed her hand on my head and said:

'In due time everything will be clear to you.'

"After she had spoken these words, some noise awoke me; everything had vanished."

The next day, when he shared this dream with his family, everybody came up with a variety of interpretations of what the dream might have meant.  However, his mother zeroed in on the message immediately.  She said, "Who knows if some day he may not become a priest?"