Every Christian wants to become holy. That is why we are called Christians, and follow Christ in the hope that we will one day see Him face to face.

St. Alphonsus Liguori tells us that to become holy, and also persevere in the grace God, is frequent Holy Communion.

"It is impossible to do anything that gives greater pleasure to Jesus Christ than to receive Him in the Sacrament of the Altar."

St Teresa has written: "There is no greater help to holiness than frequent Holy Communion. O, in what wonderful way does the Lord go about His work there, in bringing the soul to perfection!" She continues to tell us that, generally speaking, those who receive Holy Communion often, are more advanced in perfection.

Innocent XI, in his decree of 1679, tells us that the Fathers of the Church have praised and promoted frequent and even daily Communion. In the words of the Council of Trent: "Holy Communion frees us from the faults that are committed daily and preserves us from mortal sin."

St. Bernard tells us that Holy Communion represses the movements of anger and incontinence; and these are the two passions that assail us most frequently, and with force. St. Thomas teaches that Communion beats down the evil suggestions of the devil. Finally St. John Chrysostom teaches that Communion infuses into us a powerful inclination to the virtues, and a readiness to practice them; at the same time it makes us partakers of a great peace, and makes our journey along the path to holiness pleasant and easy.

Best of all, the Sacrament of the Eucharist sets the soul on fire with the love of God more powerfully than anything else; because it is for this very reason that Jesus Christ gives Himself all to us - to unite us completely to Himself in holy love. Knowing this, Blessed John of Avila warns: "Those who keep souls from frequent Communion are doing the work of the devil."

The devil has a bitter hate for this Sacrament, because from it the soul receives great strength to go forward in the way of divine love."

Lastly, Jesus waits for us in Holy Communion. This is the only way He can personally, physically unite Himself to us.  Let Him not wait in vain!

Source: St Alphonsus Liguori.  The Love of God in practice.