PRAYER!  The Catechism tells us that, "Prayer is the life of the new heart. It ought to animate us at every moment.
This is why the Fathers of the spiritual life in the Deutoronomic and prophetic traditions insist that prayer is a remembrance of God often awakened by the memory of the heart."  Catechism #  2697

Every significant relationship on our lives, whether it is with family or friends or anyone for that matter, needs commitment and effort if it is to survive.  It requires some quality time to allow for real sharing of ourselves, and a communication of our thoughts and feelings to the other person. It implies a commitment to keep open the communication through thick and thin, in the hard times as well as the good times. Indeed, no relationship will survive without genuine communication.

As we sadly see so often in our communities, a relationship fails quickly when the communication breaks down. When that happens, the relationship spirals into trouble; actions and intentions are misinterpreted, trust is quickly eroded, and cracks start to open up in the relationship.

This also happens in our relationship with God. How important is He in our lives? Important enough to keep in a relationship with Him?
If He is, than we need to keep working on that relationship, investing real quality time for sharing ourselves and our lives with God - letting God into our thoughts and hopes, our judgments and decisions. As for every relationship, listening is just as important as speaking, even more important. After all, God knows us better than we know ourselves, and is lovingly aware of the difficulties we face and the worries we bear.

The mystics tell us a lot about prayer and relating to God. Many of them speak in terms of their deep friendship with God.
Teresa if Avila, for example, spoke of prayer as "an intimate sharing between friends....taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us." Teresa was also very practical in her advice, urging her readers that "to get used to solitude is a great help for prayer." She urges us to find a quiet and uncluttered space in our day - some quality time - so that we can turn our full attention to God. Most of all, Teresa would have each one of us respond to God's invitation to friendship. In it lies Teresa's way to perfection in our relationship with God, a way of friendship and loving exchanges, sharing thoughts and feelings as close friends do.

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity also spoke much of prayer in her many letters to friends, family and her numerous correspondents. Elizabeth often used the expression "heart-to-heart" to describe the intimacy of our relationship to God. She encouraged each and every one to enter into "that intimate heart-to-heart in which the soul flows into God and God flows into it to transform it into Himself."
Source:  Redemptorist Fathers.

How can we ever conform our will to the Will of God if we never speak or listen to Him?
St Teresa of Avila  has written: "The soul that gives herself to prayer should try above all else to be in perfect conformity with the will of God, for in this is found the highest perfection."  To reach this state we must often repeat the prayer of David, "Teach me to do thy
 will." (Psalm, 142:10.)  Lord since you want me to be saved, teach me to do your will.

Source: St Alphonsus Liguori.