Panis Angelicus - O Bread Of Angels
By Anne Van Tilburg
Published on 12/22/2009
Panis Angelicus - O bread Of Angels

Panis Angelicus - O Bread Of Angels
Panis angelicus litpanis hominum. Dat panis caelicus figuris terminum.
O resmitabilis! Manducat Dominum. Pauper, servus et humilis.

O Bread of angels made Bread of men below. All gifts of ancient times this Bread will now bestow.
O wonder unsurpassed! Poor, humble people all eat the Flesh of the Lord their God.

Te, trina Deitas, unaque poscimus, Sicnos tu visita sicut te colimus
Pertuas semitas duc nos quo tendimus ad lucem quam inhabutas.

O God-head Three in One, we one together pray, that as we come to You, You too will come and stay.
And by Your holy ways lead us unto the day where You dwell in eternal light. 

Sacris Solemnus - St. Thomas Aquinas.