In the city of Santarem, Portugal, a stupendous Eucharistic favor was granted. One of the Fathers of the Dominican Convent, Fr. Bernard of Moriaix, was accustomed to giving lessons to two young boys daily, nothing unusual in those times. At midday, the boys ate their modest lunch in a room where there was a statue of the Blessed Virgin with the Divine Child in Her arms. Following the pious counsel of their holy master, the boys sat at the foot of this statue and daily offered a part of their meal to the Child Jesus.

Great was their delight, when one day the Divine Child left His Mother's arms and came to speak to them of His Father's home in Heaven. This wonderful favor was repeated day after day, but appeared so natural to the two boys that they did not speak of it to anyone. Father Bernard and, indeed, others too, noticed a wonderful change in the behavior of the two boys. Finally, delighted at all the beautiful things their Divine Visitor told them, the boys asked Him if He would not invite them to His Father's home to see all that He had told them. The Divine Child graciously consented and told them that on the following Thursday, which was Ascension Thursday, they might come. Radiant with joy they communicated the glad tidings to Fr. Bernard and asked his permission to accept the invitation.

Ignorant of all that had passed, the good priest was at first puzzled but gradually drew from the children the full account of the Divine visits. He gave the desired permission, but bade them to tell Jesus when He came next time that they could not go without their Master. This they gladly did and Jesus, smiling, extended the invitation to Fr. Bernard. Now, fully realizing the precocious sanctity of his disciples and the wonderful lights they received, Fr. Bernard diligently prepared them for their first Holy Communion, recommending them at the same time the greatest discretion. On Ascension Thursday, aware that something wonderful was to occur, Fr. Bernard said his Mass in private. It was served by his angelic pupils who received their Sacramental Lord with burning love for the first time. At the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice, Fr. Bernard knelt with his two pupils at the foot of the altar, where all three breathed their pure souls into the hands of God. The religious of the community discovered them in this posture, their faces bearing an expression of radiant joy.

Not only was this fact authenticated at the time, but after the lapse of centuries their last resting place, which had been lost sight of, was discovered and the sacred remains identified.    Source: Fr. Paul O'Sullivan.  Ave Maria Magazine.