The Holy Spirit does not only give His wonderful help to Apostles, to martyrs, to missionaries, to the saints, but to all Christians without exception, if only they ask Him as they should. This many people fail to do - with the saddest consequences. The happiness of our lives depends on choosing the proper state in life. If we follow the vocation God wishes us to follow, we have a guarantee of success. God gives us graces for every step of the road He has marked out for us. We do not receive these graces if we choose a manner of life different from what God has chosen for us.

How are we to know what He wills us to do? Simply by praying earnestly to the Holy Spirit for light and guidance. This applies especially to boys and girls when beginning a new life. If a boy, called on by God to become a priest, or a girl to become a nun, choose instead a secular life, they cannot expect God's help on the wrong way they are following. One reason why so many marriages are unhappy is that boys and girls, never intended by God to marry, blindly follow their own will and choose the married state. Young people should earnestly ask God to show to them His Holy Will in this most important step of their lives. They must ask God also, in case He wishes them to marry, to help them choose the proper partner, for this also is a frequent cause of unhappy marriages, that is, marrying the wrong person.

Parents have the greatest responsibility in the education of their children. They are to blame countless times for the faults and unhappiness of their children, and many times for the loss of their souls. Once more, the reason is that parents do not think of asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten them in this grave responsibility.

Many businessmen never dream of seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, hence, so many failures. The following incident shows how true this is.
Two merchants in the city of Lyons, engaged in the same line of business, had their establishments on the same street. Both worked hard, both were shrewd businessmen, but whereas one prospered, the other lost heavily. This latter, confiding in his more prosperous rival, explained his difficulties and asked his advice.
"My dear friend," was the reply, "you are fully as clever and keen as I am, and it seems to me that you work even harder. I attribute all my success to the fact that I hear Holy Mass daily and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Do the same and you will succeed."