Michael's Guardian Angel
By Anne Van Tilburg
Published on 01/24/2008
Michael's Guardian Angel

Michael's Guardian Angel
In a small town in Pennsylvania, the parish priest, with the help of some nuns, was preparing the boys and girls of the parish for Confirmation. On the eve of the ceremony, the children were taken to the church to make their confession. One of the Sisters in attendance became annoyed at what she considered the unusual giddiness of the children. She noticed them whispering to each other and looking all in one direction, apparently at one of their companions, a little boy of ten or twelve years old. She told them to be recollected.

On returning to the school after the confessions were over, she again reminded them that in church they must refrain from talking and whispering to each other. To her amazement, the children told her that they had seen an Angel and were quite surprised that she had not seen him too. The tone of innocence and sincerity, and at the same time the unanimity with which all positively asserted that they had seen the Angel, impressed the good nun. In fact there there seemed to be no possible doubt of what they affirmed. However, to make things more certain and clear, she called them aside separately and diligently questioned each one as to exactly what he or she had seen when they first saw the Angel, where and what was he like.

Once more the children described, each separately, exactly what they had seen and with perfect agreement as to details.
It was as follows:
One of the children, Michael, who was an excellent lad, had gone in his turn to Confession. On leaving the confessional, the children, one and all, saw a beautiful Angel, spotlessly white, and radiantly beautiful, accompanying Michael, first to the altar where he knelt, and then to his place in the benches. The Angel had its wings outstretched and had an expression of tender love as he looked at Michael. At once the children, taken by surprise, whispered, "Look, look. Oh how lovely."

Michael's Guardian Angel
The nun, more than ever convinced of the truth of what the children told  her, hastened to lay the facts before the priests. These discussed the matter among themselves and then, without awakening the suspicions of the children, proceeded also to question them.  They, in their turn, were deeply impressed and saw no reason for doubting what the children stated so firmly.

His Lordship the Bishop arrived in the course of the evening, and the priests gave him a full account of this consoling incident. He also wished to have first-hand evidence, and once more the children unwaveringly narrated to His Lordship all the facts as before. Inquiring into Michael's behavior, he learned that he was indeed a very good and innocent boy. He was cheerful and friendly, a good companion, a diligent student and, although he lived very far from the Church, he attended the instructions regularly and learned his lessons with unfailing care and diligence. The bishop, the priests and the nuns were convinced that Michael's Guardian Angel had indeed manifested his presence.

Source: Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, All about the Angels.