This is the story of St. Gerard and the Angel. The story begins in Heaven and it ends on earth in Gerard's soul.

Gerard was at Mass one day, and lots of people were going up to the altar to let Jesus come into their soul. This is called Holy Communion. When Gerard saw Jesus coming into the souls of the grown-ups, Gerard sighed, "I wish Jesus would come to me." Then Gerard got up, and he walked to the altar with the people. "The Priest will not notice how small I am," Gerard kept saying to himself. "and he will give me Jesus."

But the Priest did notice, and he did not give Jesus to Gerard. Gerard felt so sad, all he could do was go home and pray that soon he would be big enough and old enough to receive Jesus.

That evening Gerard said his prayers, kissed his mother goodnight, got into bed, and put out the light. Suddenly the light came on again. But it is not light from earth, it is light from Heaven. Gerard's room  is filled with light. In the center of the light is an Angel. The Angel is holding Jesus in the Host, and the Angel has come all the way from Heaven to give Jesus to Gerard in Holy Communion.

Gerard is not frightened. He is full of joy. He jumps out of bed and kneels down. He says. "Jesus, I love You." Then the Angel places Jesus in Gerard's soul. Gerard is too happy to sleep that night. He keeps on saying all night long, "Jesus, I love You. Thank You Jesus, for coming into my soul."

The next morning Gerard tells his mother about the Angel, and the light, and about Jesus in the Host. Then Gerard's mother knows that the Angel has given Gerard his First Holy Communion.

Dear Jesus, one day You will come to me in Holy communion. Please help me to get ready for that great day.

Source: Father W.D.Creede, C.Ss.R.