When your little ones are ready for bed, they are ready for a story. They are receptive. They are relaxed, for they are in the company of their mother. Bedtime is a soothing time. You can make it a wonder time. You can develop your children's sense of wonder.

Read  stories of the Saints to your children. The music of your voice will make the story come alive. The grace in the story will be communicated by your Faith, and breathed into your children as you voice the words. Sleep will then enfold your children as a touch of Heaven.

St. Gerard is one of God's mystics, his life introduces children to the world of Angels and visions, mysteries and miracles, as all the Saints do. To deprive children of these divine realities is to risk making their Faith less than fully Catholic.

Long after your little ones have grown up and gone, they will remember the stories you read to them, and the Saints will be their special friends.

May the Saints, through the stories of their lives, continue from Heaven their care for mothers, their reverence for Fathers, and their love for their little ones on earth.

Source: Fr. W.D.Creede, C.Ss.R.