Ven. Anne Catherine Emmrich and the Holy Souls (Cont.)
By Anne Van Tilburg
Published on 12/23/2007
Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich and the Holy Souls (Cont.)

Ven. Anne Catheine Emmerich and the Holy Souls (Cont.)
"The lively conviction of God's most holy justice was then for me like an angel leading me out from the horrors of such a grave. Over some, I saw a column of gray vapor, brighter or darker; over others, one of light more or less brilliant; and over many others I saw nothing at all. These last made me very sad, for I had an interior conviction that the vapor, more or less brilliant, issuing from the graves, was the means by which the poor souls made known their needs, and that they who could give no sign were in the lowest part of Purgatory, forgotten by everybody, deprived of all power of acting or communicating with the body of the Church."

"When I knelt in prayer over such graves, I often heard a hollow, smothered voice, as if calling to me from the deep abyss: 'Help me out!' and I felt most keenly in my own soul the anguish of the helpless sufferer. I pray for these abandoned forgotten ones with greater ardor and perseverance than for the others. I have often seen a gray vapor slowly rising over their empty, silent tombs which by the help of continued prayer, grew brighter and brighter."

"A cemetery, such as I have described, with its apparitions, its different degrees of light and darkness, always seemed to me like a garden all parts of which are not equally cultivated, but some allowed to run to waste."

Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich and the Holy Souls (Cont.)
"When I earnestly prayed and labored and urged others to do the same, it seemed as if the plants began to revive, as if the ground were dug and renewed, as if the seed sprang forth under the beneficent influence of the rain and dew."

"Ah! if all men saw this as I see it, they would surely labor in this garden with far more diligence than I! Such cemeteries speak as plainly to me of the Christian zeal and charity of a parish, as do the gardens and meadows around a village proclaim the industry of its inhabitants."

"God has often allowed me to see souls mounting joyously from Purgatory to Paradise. I was frequently terrified and maltreated by lost spirits, even by the demon himself. Loud noises and frightful specters surrounded me. I was pushed off the graves, tossed from side to side, and sometimes an invisible power tried to force me out of the cemetery. But God strengthened me against fear. I never recoiled one hair's breath before the enemy, and when thus interrupted, I redoubled my prayers."

"Oh how many thanks I have received from the poor, dear souls! Ah! if all men would share this joy with me! What a superabundance of grace is upon earth, but forgotten, despised, while the poor souls languish for it! In their manifold sufferings they are full of anguish and longing, they sigh after help and deliverance; yet, how great so ever their distress, they still praise Our Lord and Savior, and all that we can do for them is a source of unending bliss."

Source: The life of Anne Catherine Emmerich - Vol 2.