The story of St. Eulalia, the child Martyr, is another beautiful instance of how the Angels helped the Martyrs.

This little girl, only twelve years old, was brought before the brutal judges, who used every means in their power to terrify her and force her to deny the religion of Jesus Christ. They threatened her with the most awful torments and showed her the instruments of torture with which the executioners were going to tear her flesh and break her bones.

But three Angels came to her assistance and so consoled and encouraged her that she was glad to have to suffer for her dear Lord. The Angels told her what to answer the judges, who were confounded at the wisdom and courage of the child.

She saw the Angels, who were radiant with beauty and loving consoled her. One said to her: "Suffer for Our Lord Jesus Christ. He loves you with an infinite love."

Another said to her: "Suffer, dear Child, for soon you will be one of us and will rejoice with us forever in Heaven."

A third added: "Suffer with courage, Eulalia, for you will save many souls by your constancy and example." Then all three affectionately said: "Don't you wish to be our dear little Sister?"

The words of the Angels filled the heart of Eulalia with such joy and strength that she exclaimed: "O, dear Lord, what joy to have written on my body in letters of blood the signs of Your sufferings and wounds!"

Finally she was burned alive, and her soul was borne by Angels heaven wards.

Source: Father Paul O'Sullivan,  All about the Angels.